Here is a quick run down of my most popular sessions. I am a natural light photographer who prefers to shoot very relaxed lifestyle kind of portraits.

I love shooting right before sunset, early in the morning and primarily outdoors or indoors if there's a ton of natural light coming through windows. I love texture, shadows, soft light, interesting backgrounds, simple color combos and living by the saying of "less is more" while creating an image. I let you bring extra outfits if you're indecisive. I do free consultations. Proof galleries can be made available at an additional cost.

I also do band promos, live concert coverage, in-home newborn sessions, pet portraits and occasionally weddings. I do not offer studio sessions, black and white photos, event coverage or pin-up style boudoir.

I do have a very distinct style and I know not everyone needs that. If you need a recommendation I am more than happy to direct you to someone who may suit your needs! Photos are important and I want to make sure you find your perfect fit when it comes to a photographer even if it isn't me :)



Need a new head shot? Or something to show off your new look on social media? A model who needs updated shots for their portfolio? Or want to do something fun just for you? No worries, I have ya covered ;)

Let's plan a location, a few looks for options and the perfect time of day to create those photos for you! If it's cold or raining out, we can postpone or use one of my local indoor locations for a simple kind of backdrop (where you won't get drenched or freeze your booty off). I also have a few MUA I can refer who can pamper you before your shoot so you look your best without the stress of doing it all yourself!

Session pricing starts at $100


Boudoir & Maternity

I love helping people see the beauty in themselves. That's why I freaking adore boudoir sessions! This is also how I generally shoot maternity sessions (don't worry you don't have to wear lingerie for it to be a boudoir session). All of my boudoir sessions take place outdoors or in a well lit indoor location (the natural light is our best friend).

Bring a few looks, a comfy sweater that hangs off the shoulder, that mesh crop top you bought but never got to wear because it seems "too daring", or just a classic set of lingerie that makes you feel AMAZING. Whatever makes you feel like a goddess works for me! Bring props too if you'd like, if it doesn't work no worries at least we have options :)

Session pricing starts at $400


Families & Couples

Let's plan a date. No seriously, let's plan your perfect day together! I will come along on that date and photograph every cute moment and we'll do a few relaxed poses too for those "wall hanging worthy" shots! Don't say cheese! Don't force any smiles! We want the natural smiles, the cute tantrums from little ones (it'll probably happen at least once and that's okay it's what kids do), the sweet snuggle moments and everything else in between.

We can go to the park. We can hit up a local coffee shop. We can have a tea party! We can go to the zoo or aquarium. If there's a carnival going on let's do that! Or if you're homebodies and want to do it from home that is absolutely perfect as well. Whatever you love to do together works the best because you'll all be comfortable, having fun and will have memories attached to your photos to make them even more special.

Session pricing starts at $250


Here's a little inspiration board of the kind of vibe I like to go for with my work! Feel free to steal ideas from it for our upcoming shoot together!!!